Coming up on the first anniversary of my blog here at WordPress.com, and past 2.5 yeras since I started blogging at LiveJournal, I must announce my regretful decision to close this blog and not post in it any further. I feel I’ve spilled too many details of my real life and even caused some drama within my school through my posts. This blog has also caused me to devote less of my time to projects that really matter to me, such as school and Wikipedia. I found myself putting off writing school essays to write blog entries, then losing the entries and not posting them anyway. This lost me a lot of time and contributed to my less-than-stellar grades. Besides that, I feel that my recent entries were quite uninspired anyway. Towards the end of my blog, they were getting shorter and devoid of any real content. Posting blog entries was getting to be a thing I did just on a schedule, and that definitely reduced their quality.

Also, I never really felt that I was posting anything of substance. Most of the time, my blog was just a complaint box. Looking back at some of my old posts, I wonder why the heck anyone ever bothered to read it.

I’ve learned a lot during my 2.5-year adventure with blogging, but I’ve decided being in the public eye is a little too much for me. I’d rather that only my close friends be able to view any future blog that I have. That way, I don’t have to be quite as careful and paranoid about saying stuff that might possibly give someone somewhere online ammunition against me. Therefore, I’m starting a new blog on my own server that only my friends can view. If you’d like the URL, or just to keep in contact with me, you can email me at cchan562 at yahoo.co.uk. If I don’t respond to emails sent to that address, you know how else to contact me – IM and my other email addresses. Have a nice day everyone, and I’d like to close with a book title.

“So long, and thanks for all the fish.” -Douglas Adams

PS: I’ll still keep this account around to comment on friends’ blogs.